February Issue Flower 2023

Sale price€2.600,00

  • Medium: Oil on paper
  • Dimensions: 77 x 62 cm
  • Unique Work: Yes
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Included

February Issue Flower 2023

Ugo Li

Ugo Li channels his rich inner world onto canvas through a unique painting process. Born in Paris and graduating from the School of Fine Arts in 2011, Li draws inspiration from disparate sources - major life events, daily minutiae, and fragmented media images. He layers these influences into multimedia amalgamations, erasing and reworking the canvas to interweave imagination and reality. Li's canvases become vehicles for self-expression, as he pours emotions, memories, dreams, and contemplations into vivid explosions of color and texture. His conceptual works manifest as visual poetry, inviting the viewer into the passion of his uninhibited creative spirit. With provocative paintings, Li reveals his continuous accumulation of experiences into a profound personal narrative.

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February Issue Flower 2023 by Ugo Li
February Issue Flower 2023 Sale price€2.600,00
February Issue Flower 2023 by Ugo Li
February Issue Flower 2023 Sale price€2.600,00


  • Figurative
  • Modern
  • Floral
  • Black and white

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Ugo Li's canvases become a playground where he choreographs an improvised dance of vivacious forms, colors, and textures.

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