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At Cohle Gallery, we take great pride in curating a diverse collection of contemporary and modern art that captivates the imagination. Our team of experts carefully selects pieces that embody artistic excellence across a variety of styles and mediums. We are delighted to present our Figurative Painting collection, which offers a fascinating exploration into this timeless art movement.

Brief History of Figurative Paintings 

The origins of figurative art stretch back through the centuries, with standout examples found in ancient Greek sculptures and Renaissance portraits. While abstraction rose to prominence in the 20th century, figurative art never faded from the scene. Contemporary artists continue to find meaning in depicting the human form, infusing their works with modern perspectives. From classical to cutting-edge, figurative art maintains its compelling power to spotlight our shared humanity.

Captivating the Eye and Mind

At Cohle Gallery, our Figurative Painting collection features established and promising artists who add their own perspectives to this storied tradition. We are proud to represent talents like Ludovilk Myers, whose imaginative style intertwines abstraction and realism, as well as Tania Marmolejo, who explores themes of identity through striking female portraits.

The collection includes a diverse range of styles under the figurative umbrella, from Faux Naïf and Art Brut to contemporary takes on portrait and the human body. Vibrant palettes capture the eye, while nuanced brushwork reveals deeper emotional truths. Subjects range from anonymous figures to recognizable icons, embedded with symbolic meaning. Together, these works provide insightful perspectives on humanity, identity, and the mysteries of human relationships.

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We invite you to explore the full breadth of our figurative art offerings and discover pieces that spark connection. For guidance on collecting or decorating with figurative paintings, contact our team of art advisors who can help match you with the perfect artwork for your space and tastes.

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