Nature Paintings

Connect with nature through our painting collection. Buy artworks that depict the wonders of the natural world.


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Nature Themes in Painting

At Cohle Gallery, we take pride in our collection of nature-inspired paintings that span artistic movements and eras. Nature has served as a profound wellspring of inspiration for artists across centuries.

Nature in the History of Arts

The examination of nature in art stretches back over hundreds of years, from Renaissance masters like Leonardo da Vinci observing botanical details, to Impressionists like Monet capturing ephemeral light effects en plein air. Iconic works like Van Gogh's textured cypresses and wheat fields demonstrate nature's raw expressive power.

In the 20th century, abstract artists like Georgia O'Keeffe examined natural forms through bold contours and colors. Contemporary painters continue to reinvent landscapes, flowers, and organic shapes, blending realism with imagination. From classical to avant-garde, depictions of nature have continually reflected humanity's relationship with the natural environment.

Spotlight on Contemporary Visions

At Cohle Gallery, our nature painting collection features established and promising artists who put their own spin on this storied tradition. We are proud to represent talents like Ludovilk Myers, whose vibrant colors and positive symbolism breathe new life into everyday objects. Camilla Marie Dahl's graceful blending of human and natural worlds evokes rurality and contemplation.

The collection includes diverse styles united by their fascination with the natural landscape. Vibrant palettes reflect nature's energy while textured brushwork brings landscapes to life. Together these pieces provide fresh perspectives on the natural world and our relationship with it.