Aesthetic Paintings

Immerse yourself in aesthetic beauty. Explore and buy artworks that evoke a sense of visual pleasure.


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Discover Aesthetic Paintings at Cohle Gallery

At Cohle Gallery, we take pride in curating a diverse collection of captivating contemporary and modern art. Our experts carefully handpick pieces that showcase artistic excellence across styles and mediums. We are thrilled to present our Aesthetic Painting collection, offering a fresh perspective on this visually enthralling art movement.

The Allure of Aesthetic Art

Aesthetic art first emerged in the 19th century as a means of pursuing beauty for its own sake. Focusing on visual pleasure rather than meaning or message, aesthetic works evoke dreamy, romantic sensibilities. While some dismiss aestheticism as superficial, it continues to resonate, with contemporary artists like Camilla marie dahl and Samantha Ornon putting their own spin on this timeless tradition. Their paintings beckon viewers into hazy, melancholic worlds rich with atmosphere.

Our Curated Collection

The aesthetic paintings at Cohle Gallery offer a portal into lands of wonder, beauty, and contemplation. These works slow us down, inviting pause and imagination. Pieces range from Ekaterina's moody, novelistic interiors to Samantha's architectural reveries, with human figures often adrift in introspective thought. While diverse in style, these artists share a commitment to emotional resonance over narrative, with manipulate color, light, and composition to craft visually seductive scenes.

We hope these transportive works inspire a sense of dreamy escapism in your life and spaces. Our art advisors can help you find the perfect aesthetic painting to complement your personal tastes and decor.