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Brighter days ahead by Chris Rwk
Writer's Block by Michael Polakowski
Shadow reader II by Matt Haywood
Unbroken Chain by Michael Polakowski
Pawn by Matt Haywood
Jack by Matt Haywood
Leap of Faith by Michael Polakowski
Blue Sill by Matt Haywood
Sold out
PEZ - The Sketch Book
You're mine, you by Anuk Rocha
Yet another complicated relationship by Nina Baxter
Vase full of horses
This little light of mine by Anuk Rocha
Think of me, dreaming of you by Nina Baxter
Sibling love by Anuk Rocha
Orange hanging fruit on a cloudy day by Anthony Padilla
Lets' float by Nina Baxter
Only if we're lucky by Nina Baxter
Leaving by Therese Mulgrew
Nearly finished, never satisfied by Nina Baxter
Good Morning by Anthony Padilla
Hold me baby (I'm Blue) by Nina Baxter
Kinda Blue by Anthony Padilla
Independent 2
All of me by Anuk Rocha
Door knob by Therese Mulgrew
Blue Moon by Anthony Padilla
Glider by Anthony Padilla
Hold Me, Baby (I’m Blue), 2023
Ingress, 2023
Speak Low, 2023
Door Knob, 2022
Drawing IIIDrawing III
Drawing IIDrawing II
Drawing IDrawing I
Late SeptemberLate September
Virginia MayVirginia May
Plage de l'Escalet
Come on baby light my fireCome on baby light my fire
New York City
La Femme aux yeux fermés
Lavender by Austyn Taylor
Cotton Candy by Austyn Taylor
Colored step of a giant by Taher Jaoui
Black train window landscape by Taher Jaoui

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A Glimpse into the Contemporary Painting Movement

The Contemporary Painting movement emerged in the mid-20th century as a daring departure from conventional artistic norms. Visionaries like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning initiated this movement, shattering boundaries by embracing individuality, experimentation, and the fusion of diverse styles. Artists aimed to encapsulate the essence of the modern era, mirroring the rapid changes and intricate emotions of the time.

Contemporary Painting at Cohle Gallery

Step into Cohle Gallery, where the heart of the Contemporary Painting movement pulsates with energy. Our collection pays homage to the movement's trailblazers while celebrating the avant-garde spirit of contemporary artists. From abstract compositions that challenge perception to figurative works that delve into the human psyche, our gallery boasts a kaleidoscope of pieces that exemplify the spectrum of this artistic odyssey.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant works of Guillaume Grando (Supakitch), whose art seamlessly blends graffiti and figurative elements. Let your imagination soar with the playful works of Speedy Graphito, where dynamic colors and urban influences redefine artistic expression. Experience the spontaneity and vibrancy of Adam Handler's art, as he brings his childhood exposure to the forefront of his creative process.

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Embark on your exploration of contemporary painting by connecting with our team of seasoned art advisors. Their expertise will guide you in selecting artworks that harmonize with your space and resonate with your individual sensibilities. At Cohle Gallery, we believe that art is a deeply personal journey, and our advisors are dedicated to helping you discover the perfect piece that speaks to your soul.

Join hands with fellow art enthusiasts in unraveling the captivating allure of contemporary painting. Stay attuned to our latest arrivals and savor exclusive offers by subscribing to our newsletter. Cohle Gallery opens the door to a world where every stroke of the brush is a testament to the human spirit.

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