Faux Naïf Paintings

Purchase charming Faux Naïf paintings from our curated online gallery. Perfect for lovers of simple, yet expressive art.


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Faux Naïf Painting Collection

At Cohle Gallery, we pride ourselves on curating a diverse collection of captivating contemporary and modern art. We are delighted to showcase our Faux Naïf Painting collection, which offers a playful and imaginative take on this unique art movement.

The Charm of Faux Naïf

Faux Naïf, French for "false naïve," refers to a painting style that emulates the candid quality of outsider or folk art while demonstrating formal artistic skill. First emerging in the early 20th century, Faux Naïf celebrates the avant-garde spirit through intentionally childlike compositions and bold colours. Our collection captures the movement's idiosyncratic charm through artists like Adam Handler, whose vibrant, spontaneous works evoke nostalgia and imagination.

A World of Imagination

The collection includes Faux Naïf perspectives from talents around the globe, such as Indonesian artist Indra Dodi, known for imaginative acrylics influenced by Art Brut. We also feature famed French artist Speedy Graphito, whose playful pop culture creations blend Faux Naïf with street art. Together, these works form a creative landscape rich with color, humor, and visual delight.

Start Your Faux Naïf Collection

We invite you to explore the imaginative spirit of Faux Naïf through our curated selection of paintings. For guidance on collecting or decorating with Faux Naïf art, contact our art advisors who can help find pieces that fit your space and taste.

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