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Explore and buy a curated collection of small-sized paintings, perfect for adorning cozy spaces.


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love me love me not by Chris Rwk
love me love me not Sale price€880,00
Thomas Langley
Untitled Sale price€3.900,00
Nest 002Nest 002
Thomas Langley
Nest 002 Sale price€2.400,00
Nest 001Nest 001
Thomas Langley
Nest 001 Sale price€2.400,00
Unbroken Chain by Michael Polakowski
Michael Polakowski
Unbroken Chain Sale price€2.000,00
Blue Sill by Matt Haywood
Matt Haywood
Blue Sill Sale price€3.200,00
Yet another complicated relationship by Nina Baxter
Think of me, dreaming of you by Nina Baxter
Lets' float by Nina Baxter
Nina Baxter
Lets' float Sale price€3.000,00
Only if we're lucky by Nina Baxter
Nina Baxter
Only if we're lucky Sale price€3.000,00
Nearly finished, never satisfied by Nina Baxter
Hold me baby (I'm Blue) by Nina Baxter
Independent 2
Iryna Maksymova
Independent 2 Sale price€3.000,00
Imon Boy
Mirror Sale price€2.500,00
Imon Boy
Patinador Sale price€1.500,00
Lobster #51 by Ugo Li
Ugo Li
Lobster #51 Sale price€2.600,00
Lobster #52 by Ugo Li
Ugo Li
Lobster #52 Sale price€2.600,00
February Issue Flower 2023 by Ugo Li
Ugo Li
February Issue Flower 2023 Sale price€2.600,00
Cotton Candy by Austyn Taylor
Austyn Taylor
Cotton Candy Sale price€2.000,00
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Untitled #2Untitled #2
Untitled #2 Sale price€0,00
Sold out
Untitled #1Untitled #1
Untitled #1 Sale price€0,00
With friends like these by Chris Rwk
taking all the advice I need by Chris Rwk
Spirit of dream by Speedy Graphito
Spirit of dream Sale price€1.400,00
Partout ailleurs by Speedy Graphito
Partout ailleurs Sale price€1.400,00
Ici et maintenant by Speedy Graphito
Ici et maintenant Sale price€1.400,00
Happy Summer by Speedy Graphito
Happy Summer Sale price€1.400,00
Chaises musicales by Speedy Graphito
Chaises musicales Sale price€1.400,00
Sold out
New year by OTA
New year Sale price€0,00
Sold out
Gene sea by Ju Schnee
Ju Schnee
Gene sea Sale price€0,00
Sold out
Well, What's it gonna take by Ben Cooney
Self portrait by Mass Dousseurk
Mass Dousseurk
Self portrait Sale price€1.400,00
Président by Luca Bjørnsten
Luca Bjørnsten
Président Sale price€1.000,00
Sold out
Be confident by Jingyi Wang
Jingyi Wang
Be confident Sale price€0,00
On three by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
On three Sale price€1.800,00
Sculpted under violet by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
Sculpted under violet Sale price€1.800,00
Park at night by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
Park at night Sale price€1.800,00
City at sunrise by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
City at sunrise Sale price€1.800,00
home at anytime by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
home at anytime Sale price€1.800,00
Sold out
Ekstasis by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
Ekstasis Sale price€0,00
Sold out
C.O.U.R.A.G.E (Come On Up, Relax And Get Ecstatic) by Ben Cooney
Sold out
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away Painting by Zac Yeates
Sold out
Monsieur Malin Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Sold out
Evening at the museum Painting by Ekaterina Popova
Is It Joy or Sadness? by Bijijoo
Is It Joy or Sadness? Sale price€3.000,00
Vestige Painting by Ador
Vestige Sale price€700,00
Tas de possibilités Painting by Ador
Tas de possibilités Sale price€2.500,00
La Mifa Painting by Ador
La Mifa Sale price€1.600,00
Miss you little stinker by Adam Handler
Sold out
De Vuelta 2 Painting by Imon Boy
Imon Boy
De Vuelta 2 Sale price€0,00

Discover Intimate Artworks in Our Small Paintings Collection

At Cohle Gallery, we take pride in curating an extensive collection of contemporary and modern paintings to captivate art lovers. Our newest offering spotlights small paintings under 40cm, crafted by talented artists from around the world. Despite their petite size, these artworks deliver powerful perspectives condensed into intimate frames.

A Closer Look Reveals Hidden Depth

The small paintings in this collection reveal that great art transcends physical scale. Details emerge upon closer inspection, as each brushstroke tells a story. Compositions feel expansive, landscapes stretch toward the horizon, and portraits reveal intricate expressions.

These miniature marvels allow you to appreciate the nuances of color, texture, and technique. Works range from photorealism to abstraction, figurative to conceptual. Yet all deliver joy in their craftsmanship and ability to focus attention with their intimate presence.

Famous small paintings like Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" demonstrate how artists can create iconic masterpieces on a modest scale. Our collection carries on this storied tradition.

Start Your Collection with a Masterpiece in Miniature

The small paintings collection offers an accessible way to begin your art collecting journey. These bite-sized artworks allow emerging talents to showcase their skills, while providing seasoned artists an intimate canvas. Pieces range from still lifes and florals to landscapes and abstract meditations on color and form.

We invite you to explore the collection's breadth and find art that resonates. Let our team of advisors guide you in selecting a piece tailored to your taste. For art lovers, these small-scale gems offer big inspiration condensed into an easily displayed size. Discover your new favorite small painting treasure at Cohle Gallery today.