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At Cohle Gallery, we take great care in curating a diverse collection of landscape paintings that capture the beauty, emotion, and spirit of the natural world. Our team of experts carefully selects pieces that represent some of the most compelling landscape artists working today. We are delighted to present works by Camilla Marie Dahl, an American painter known for her poetic, contemplative landscapes.

The Evolution of Landscape Art

Landscape painting has evolved tremendously over the centuries, with iconic artists establishing new styles and techniques. During the 17th century, landscapes began moving from background settings to central subjects, especially as the Baroque period enabled greater focus on nature's beauty and drama. Claude Lorrain became known for his poetic use of light and hazy atmospheres in idealised rural scenes.

The 19th century saw a major shift with the Hudson River School in America and the Barbizon school in France, who painted realistic landscapes en plein air, directly from life. Artists like Thomas Cole and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot embraced a reverence for nature and gestural brushwork to capture fleeting effects of light.

Impressionism then revolutionised landscape painting through its radically different style. Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro used rapid dabs of unblended color to recreate the immediacy of scenes before the eyes. Post-Impressionists like Cezanne and Van Gogh took landscapes in new expressive directions.

Iconic 20th century landscape painters range from Georgia O’Keeffe’s Southwest scenes to Emily Carr’s lush forests of the Pacific Northwest. Moving into contemporary art, artists continue to find fresh approaches to translating the majesty of the natural world into compelling artworks that connect us to essential human experiences.

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Our landscape painting collection offers a diverse look at contemporary approaches to this storied genre. Here you can discover both emerging and established talents, and enjoy getting lost in beautiful scenes from majestic mountains to intimate forests and fields.

For guidance on collecting landscape art or decorating your home with nature-inspired pieces, contact our team of art advisors who can help you find the perfect fit for your tastes.