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Writer's Block by Michael Polakowski
Shadow reader II by Matt Haywood
Unbroken Chain by Michael Polakowski
Pawn by Matt Haywood
Leap of Faith by Michael Polakowski
Jack by Matt Haywood
Blue Sill by Matt Haywood
Hold Me, Baby (I’m Blue), 2023
Ingress, 2023
Speak Low, 2023
Door Knob, 2022
Yum soars into Space by Yusuke Toda
Yum and Friends by Yusuke Toda
The Way II by Samantha Ornon
Nuit d'été by Samantha Ornon
The Way I by Samantha Ornon
Invocation II by Samantha Ornon
Invocation I by Samantha Ornon
Eniyan oblivion to oblivion by Yusuff Aina Abogunde
Emmène moi by Samantha Ornon
L'étreinte by Samantha Ornon
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New year by OTA
Irregular book club by OTA
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Gene sea by Ju Schnee
Lola by Abu Oluwaseyi
Self portrait by Mass Dousseurk
Releasing a few by Mass Dousseurk
The secret by Mass Dousseurk
Eyes for you by Mass Dousseurk
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In the sunset by Jingyi Wang
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In the evening by Jingyi Wang
The last tube by Fortune Hunter
Soap Opera by Fortune Hunter
Président by Luca Bjørnsten
Petro-Canada by Luca Bjørnsten
Entering eden by Camilla Marie Dahl
No dogs allowed by Camilla Marie Dahl
Sea Breeze by Camilla Marie Dahl
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One sweet day by Seulgi Kim
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The forest fairy by Seulgi Kim
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The clover forest by Seulgi Kim
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Red tree by Juan de La Rica
Fish and tomato (vallotton) by Juan de La Rica
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Little rider by Ha Haeng Eun
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Free hugs by Ha Haeng Eun
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C.O.U.R.A.G.E (Come On Up, Relax And Get Ecstatic) by Ben Cooney
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B.U.B.B.L.E.S (Bowed Under Beauty’s Breath. Lover, Emerge Serenely) by Ben Cooney
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Well, What's it gonna take by Ben Cooney
home at anytime by Ben Cooney
Park at night by Ben Cooney

Buy Art from Emergent Artists

At Cohle Gallery, we take pride in seeking out and promoting talented emergent artists from around the world. Our Emergent Artists collection offers a captivating glimpse into the next generation of artistic voices.

Fresh Perspectives

While remaining cognizant of art history, these innovative creators infuse their work with modern perspectives. Some blend digital media with traditional practices, while others bring street art influences into the fine art realm. Their art lends insight into contemporary culture and the diverse lives of today's youth. From Adam Handler's faux naïf elegance to Jocelyn Tsaih's emotive focus on the human condition, these artists capture the zeitgeist in compelling ways.

Vibrant Visions

Our Emergent Artists collection includes painters like Jingyi Wang, who creates surreal oil paintings fusing human and natural worlds. Meanwhile, Seulgi Kim employs vivid colors and playful motifs to explore identity and self-expression. These creators take us on visual journeys that enthrall the eye while sparking introspection. Their artworks are bold statements from artists on the rise.

The collection features a diverse range of styles and influences, from surrealism and Art Brut to contemporary figurative and pop art-inspired expressions.

Start Your Collection

We invite you to explore our full selection of these promising talents. For advice on adding Emergent Artists to your art collection, contact our art advisors. Join our newsletter for updates on new arrivals.