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Purchase vibrant and expressive graffiti art from our online gallery. Perfect for adding an urban touch to your space.


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love me love me not by Chris Rwk
love me love me not Sale price€880,00
Darling I love you
Mark Posey
Darling I love you Sale price€9.200,00
Born Again
Mark Posey
Born Again Sale price€9.200,00
Last Dance
Mark Posey
Last Dance Sale price€9.200,00
artwork on wood and canvas by Gris1
Icône 2 Sale price€4.500,00
taking all the advice I need by Chris Rwk
With friends like these by Chris Rwk
Sold out
Equilibrios cotidianos #4 by RUBEN SANCHEZ
Sold out
Equilibrios cotidianos #3 by RUBEN SANCHEZ
Sold out
Equilibrios cotidianos #2 by RUBEN SANCHEZ
Frutas Sale price€3.500,00

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At Cohle Gallery, we take pride in curating a premier collection of street art that captivates the imagination. Our experts carefully select pieces that represent the energy and edge of this urban art movement. Explore our Street Art Painting collection for a compelling showcase of boundary-pushing contemporary art.

The Spirit of the Streets

Emerging from graffiti roots, street art burst onto city walls worldwide in the 1980s and 90s. Artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat brought street art into fine art galleries with their iconic public murals and prints. The street art movement maintains its rebellious spirit while gaining recognition as a dynamic contemporary genre.

Today's street artists build on these foundations while infusing their distinctive styles. The Street Art Painting collection at Cohle Gallery features both trailblazing and up-and-coming urban artists. Discover reimagined Pop Art from Geoffrey Bouillot, abstract graffiti fusions by Zdenek Konvalina, and socially impactful works from Ador to Pez's imaginative characters, these artworks capture the creativity emblematic of street art.

Start Your Collection

Bring intrigue and inspiration into your space with our curated selection of Street Art Paintings. Our team provides guidance on collecting investment-worthy urban art and consultations on designing with these compelling contemporary pieces.

Join our newsletter for new arrivals and exclusive offers. Help shape the legacy of street art by sharing our collection across your networks. The spirit of the streets lives on at Cohle Gallery.

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