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Make a bold statement with large-sized paintings. Explore and buy artworks that command attention.


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Born Again
Darling Love
Last Dance
Orange hanging fruit on a cloudy day by Anthony Padilla
Good Morning by Anthony Padilla
Kinda Blue by Anthony Padilla
Glider by Anthony Padilla
Blue Moon by Anthony Padilla
La Femme aux yeux fermés
King by David Von Bahr
Colored step of a giant by Taher Jaoui
Black train window landscape by Taher Jaoui
Acknowledgment of light by Taher Jaoui
Column by Ugo Li
Invisible world by Speedy Graphito
Hypnotic karma by Speedy Graphito
Sold out
Jellypix by PEZ
Sold out
Octopix by PEZ
Sold out
Confinamiento IV by RUBEN SANCHEZ
Eniyan oblivion to oblivion by Yusuff Aina Abogunde
Sold out
Cherry pie in the garden by Brittany Fanning
Sold out
Untitled #1 by Franck Noto
Untitled #2 by Franck Noto
Untitled #3 by Franck Noto
The last tube by Fortune Hunter
Sold out
Surface and depth #106 by Guillaume Grando
Sold out
Return to the senses by Tania Marmolejo
Soap Opera by Fortune Hunter
Multiple answers
Double play 1
After Coffee by Ekaterina Popova
Sold out
Inevitable acceptance by TANIA MARMOLEJO
Sold out
From a safe distance by TANIA MARMOLEJO
"Little Bit of Sunshine" Painting by Peter Opheim
Sold out
"Max and his Friends" Painting by Peter Opheim
Sold out
Should I Shouldn’t I by TANIA MARMOLEJO
"My Friend Larry" Painting by Peter Opheim
Saint Seiya Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Goku story Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Sold out
Les joueurs de Pogs Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Sold out
Astérix est là Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Sold out
L’échange Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
"Week-end rider" Painting by Camilla Marie Dahl
Sold out
This Guy Loves You Despite All the Terrible Things You May Have Done by Bijijoo
Sold out
Village Diptych Painting by Ador
Pajama Girl ghost abduction - Painting by Adam Handler
Sold out
"Ève" Painting by Manon Ajorque

Large Sized Paintings

At Cohle Gallery, we take great care in curating an extensive collection of captivating large sized paintings from promising contemporary artists around the world. Our expert advisors thoughtfully select pieces to represent the vibrant diversity within modern and contemporary art.

The Allure of Large-Scale Art

The power of size has fascinated artists for centuries, from Michelangelo's monumental Sistine Chapel ceiling to Jackson Pollock's expansive abstract canvases. Contemporary artists continue to harness the visual impact of larger-than-life creations, using scale to immerse viewers and spotlight minute details.

In our large size paintings collection, you'll discover stunning works by talents like Ludovilk Myers and Adam Handler that demand attention. Vibrant colors and intricate brushwork hold the gaze, while imaginative compositions give the mind space to wander. The collection spans acrylic, oil, and mixed media in both abstract and figurative styles.

Art That Transforms Spaces

Beyond the captivating aesthetics, large scale paintings possess a spectacular ability to transform the vibe of any space. The expansive canvases make a dramatic statement in galleries, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and other commercial settings. For residential collectors, these commanding artworks become dazzling focal points and conversation pieces.

Our collection offers many compelling large-scale paintings suitable for a range of decors and tastes. We're confident you'll discover eye-catching pieces to inject color, imagination, and visual impact into your home or business.

Contemporary artists harness the visual impact of expansive creations in myriad compelling ways:

  • Immersion - The scale of large artworks envelops viewers, pulling them into the piece and the artist's perspective. Intricate details that might be lost on smaller pieces can be appreciated.
  • Dramatic Statements - Oversized paintings become true focal points that immediately draw the eye. Large pieces make bold decorative statements in both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Conversation Sparking - The sheer size of dramatic large art generates intrigue and sparks discussion. Guests will naturally gravitate towards these works.
  • Versatility - While commanding attention, the expansive canvases also provide design versatility. Large statement pieces can anchor and elevate any style decor.

Start Your Art Journey

Delve deeper into our large size painting collection and find awe-inspiring works to adorn your spaces. For personalized guidance on selecting and displaying large scale art, contact our advisors who will help match you with the perfect piece.