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Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our floral painting collection. Buy artworks that bloom with color.


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Be confident by Jingyi Wang
Jingyi Wang
Be confident Sale price€0,00
Sold out
Cactus family by Jingyi Wang
Jingyi Wang
Cactus family Sale price€0,00
Cartologie by Ludovilk Myers
Ludovilk Myers
Cartologie Sale price€3.900,00
Don’t look up by Ludovilk Myers
Ludovilk Myers
Don't look up Sale price€5.600,00
February Issue Flower 2023 by Ugo Li
Ugo Li
February Issue Flower 2023 Sale price€2.600,00
Flowers Spring Gradiant 01Flowers Spring Gradiant 01
Flowers Spring Gradiant 02Flowers Spring Gradiant 02
Glider by Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla
Glider Sale price€10.900,00
Good Morning by Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla
Good Morning Sale price€10.900,00
Here comes the flowers 01Here comes the flowers 01
Sold out
In the evening by Jingyi Wang
Jingyi Wang
In the evening Sale price€0,00
Sold out
In the sunset by Jingyi Wang
Jingyi Wang
In the sunset Sale price€0,00
Kinda Blue by Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla
Kinda Blue Sale price€10.900,00
Miami by Ludovilk Myers
Ludovilk Myers
Miami Sale price€2.300,00
Orange hanging fruit on a cloudy day by Anthony Padilla
P to the G by Ludovilk Myers
Ludovilk Myers
P to the G Sale price€3.900,00

Buy Floral Themed Paintings

The Long-Blooming History of Flowers in Art

The depiction of flowers in art stretches back thousands of years to ancient cultures like Egypt, Greece, and Rome where floral motifs held symbolic meaning. In the 17th century, lavish Dutch flower paintings became extremely popular. The French Impressionists then made flowers a favorite subject to capture light and color. Contemporary artists continue to find fresh inspiration in flora, from photorealism to multimedia expressions. This collection presents the versatility of floral themes.

A Thoughtfully Curated Selection

Our expert curators hand-picked pieces by both emerging and established talents. Artists like Ludovik Myers made floral pattern the cornerstone of some of their artworks, while Jingyi Wang explores the symbolic connections between humans and plants. Styles range from realism to abstraction, conveying the delicate romance and cryptic meanings associated with flowers. Vibrant palettes capture their fleeting brilliance. Together these works form a diverse botanic journey.

Make Floral Paintings Bloom in Your Home

Browse the collection's selection of floral paintings and discover new favorites. Our art advisors can help match you with the perfect piece for your personal tastes or decorative vision. Share finds with fellow nature lovers and sign up for our newsletter to stay inspired. At Cohle Gallery, art blooms for all seasons.