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Finding Meaning in Mundanity: Everyday Objects in Art

At Cohle Gallery, our expert curators assemble thoughtful collections that offer fascinating perspectives on art history and the contemporary moment. We are delighted to present a rich selection of everyday objects paintings that spotlight the overlooked beauty in the ordinary.

Celebrating the Familiar

Artists finding significance in everyday items can be traced back through the centuries. Dutch Old Masters like Johannes Vermeer captured the radiance of mundane kitchen objects in renowned works like The Milkmaid. The late 19th century saw the rise of French Impressionists who sought to capture fleeting moments of daily Parisian life.

Later artistic movements like Cubism and Dada also incorporated everyday objects into experimental compositions. But it was the 1960s Pop Art revolution that truly thrust the ordinary into the spotlight. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Robert Rauschenberg created iconoclastic works featuring consumer items like Coca-Cola bottles and Campbell's Soup cans.

Contemporary artists continue to riff on this tradition, making the familiar fresh again. The everyday object endures as a compelling subject across eras and styles.

Unique Visions

The artists featured in our Everyday Objects collection put their own spin on representing the ordinary. Fortune Hunter cleverly incorporates nostalgic pop culture references into surreal narratives, composing scenes around mundane items and objects. Ekaterina Popova fuses her Russian and American backgrounds into dreamlike interiors accented with common items. And Ota's portraits of figures with various everyday objects offer whimsical musings on materialism and identity.

Together, these works provide thoughtful perspectives on consumer culture and finding significance in the seemingly insignificant. The items may be ordinary, but the art is extraordinary.

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