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Invocation II by Samantha Ornon
Invocation I by Samantha Ornon
Column by Ugo Li
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Untitled #2Untitled #2
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Untitled #1Untitled #1
With friends like these by Chris Rwk
Theoreme by Speedy Graphito
Trying not to fade away by Chris Rwk
Secret lovers by Speedy Graphito
Rythm by Speedy Graphito
Rencontre cosmique by Speedy Graphito
Matière by Ador
Keep holding on by Chris Rwk
love me love me not by Chris Rwk
Invisible world by Speedy Graphito
It's the little things by Chris Rwk
It's all I'm asking for by Chris Rwk
I'm seeing a pattern here by Chris Rwk
Happy face by Speedy Graphito
Hypnotic karma by Speedy Graphito
Festivités by Ador
Fenêtre by Ador
Ami pour la vie by Speedy Graphito
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Equilibrios cotidianos #3 by RUBEN SANCHEZ
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Equilibrios cotidianos #2 by RUBEN SANCHEZ
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Confinamiento IV by RUBEN SANCHEZ
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Equilibrios cotidianos #4 by RUBEN SANCHEZ
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Untitled #1 by Franck Noto
Untitled #2 by Franck Noto
The secret by Mass Dousseurk
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Surface and depth #107 by Guillaume Grando
The last tube by Fortune Hunter
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Surface and depth #106 by Guillaume Grando
Sea Breeze by Camilla Marie Dahl
Soap Opera by Fortune Hunter
Self portrait by Mass Dousseurk
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Red tree by Juan de La Rica
Releasing a few by Mass Dousseurk
Multiple answers
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Little rider by Ha Haeng Eun
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In the sunset by Jingyi Wang
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In the evening by Jingyi Wang
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Free hugs by Ha Haeng Eun
Fish and tomato (vallotton) by Juan de La Rica
Double play 1
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Diver by Juan de La Rica
Eyes for you by Mass Dousseurk
Entering eden by Camilla Marie Dahl
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Cactus family by Jingyi Wang

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The Allure of Portrait Layout

While landscape orientation has historically dominated Western art, portrait format provides a compelling counterpoint. The upright, vertical canvas inherently draws the viewer's eye upwards, focusing attention squarely on the central subject. This focused emphasis lends portraits a sense of stateliness and grandeur, allowing artists to craft iconic singular images.

Throughout art history, portrait layout has been utilized for official portraits of royalty, aristocracy, and religious figures to convey their status and authority. The imposing figures seem to gaze down at the viewer from their lofty position. Portrait format also enables artists to spotlight cultural icons. Andy Warhol's colorful pop art prints of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley encapsulated these larger-than-life celebrities as the main focus against a sparse background.

Beyond conveying stature, portrait orientation offers additional artistic benefits. The constrained vertical space pushes creative composition, eliminating extraneous details to spotlight the core subject. Portraits can capture a profound psychological intimacy, with every facial detail and emotional nuance exposed. The tight crop also creates an appealing sense of confrontation between viewer and subject. In portrait photography, the layout conveys the feeling of coming face-to-face with the person.

Contemporary artists continue to harness the magnetic visual pull and symbolic potential of the upright canvas. Portrait format still possesses an aura of importance, allowing artists to glorify or subvert their chosen subject. The orientation also provides intimacy, confrontation, and innovative composition opportunities to captivate the modern eye.

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