Cohle Gallery is pleased to announce the first duo exhibition of the gallery's two leading artists, Adam Handler and Ludovilk Myers. Their work has been exhibited for several years revealing similarities in their color palette and naive approach allowing for a certain artistic complementarity. This duo exhibition offers a unique opportunity to discover how two artists can complement each other despite their apparent differences.

The exhibition "When your eyes looked up" invites the viewer to take a break from the daily grind and let their imagination and emotions run wild. This aspect is central to the work of Adam Handler and Ludovilk Myers, who seek more to arouse emotions in visitors than to push them to a real reflection.

Adam Handler was born in Queens, New York in 1986 and raised on Long Island. As a child and teenager, he spent countless hours in his grandparents' framing shop in New York City. It was there that his passion for art grew and, at the age of 18, he decided to develop his creative abilities. He studied drawing in Italy and graduated from Purchase University in New York in 2008 with a major in art history.

Describing his artistic process as spontaneous, Adam Handler acts on what inspires him at the time, playing with colors as they speak to him. Working in this way gives rise to feelings of freedom and excitement, where wonderful surprises can be revealed at any moment. Her faux-naïve style and use of bright colors are intended to convey emotion to the viewer, rather than provoke thought about the work itself.

Ludovilk Myers was born, lives and works in a forest in the 93rd district, the dark suburbs of Paris, France. He discovered video games at 7, black metal and horror movies at 10, started developing his own films in a lab at 11, and got interested in Magic cards and Warhammer at 12. He started graffiti in 1998.

Ludovilk Myers has started to paint in 2015 and is quickly gaining recognition as a creative and trailblazing artist in Paris. He cleverly mixes strange abstract elements to create contemporary works that echo art history. His vibrant color palette and abstract gestures express ideas that cannot be explained in any other way. He seeks to create a unique and current visual language by constantly exploring new techniques and materials in a world saturated with ever-changing images.

Ludovilk Myers' playful art sprinkled with fun shapes and colors is only an aid to diving into the depths of darkness of an organic and oppressive fantasy world.

It is also interesting to note that Adam Handler and Ludovilk Myers' paths in the gallery are similar, both having already had two solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows.

The Handler-Myers duo exhibition marks a new stage for both artists as well as for Cohle Gallery. Since its creation, the gallery's aim has always been to introduce new international artists to the French market and to create synergies with its French artists. This exhibition is a concrete expression of this desire, offering a new opportunity to discover talented and passionate artists. It also highlights how the globalization of the art market and the advent of social networks have allowed two artists 6,000 kilometers apart to collaborate on the same exhibition at the gallery, one in New York and the other in Paris.


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