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Mini portrait 1Mini portrait 1
Atelier ATE
Mini portrait 1 Sale price€300,00
Mini portrait 3Mini portrait 3
Atelier ATE
Mini portrait 3 Sale price€300,00
Atelier ATE
joon Sale price€900,00
Sold out
Mini portrait 5Mini portrait 5
Atelier ATE
Mini portrait 5 Sale price€300,00
Mini portrait 2Mini portrait 2
Atelier ATE
Mini portrait 2 Sale price€300,00
L'odeur des fleursL'odeur des fleurs
L'odeur des fleurs Sale price€4.500,00
Writer's Block by Michael Polakowski
Michael Polakowski
Writer's Block Sale price€5.500,00
Leap of Faith by Michael Polakowski
Michael Polakowski
Leap of Faith Sale price€5.500,00
Colored step of a giant by Taher Jaoui
Taher Jaoui
Colored step of a giant Sale price€15.500,00
Black train window landscape by Taher Jaoui
Acknowledgment of light by Taher Jaoui
Taher Jaoui
Acknowledgment of light Sale price€15.500,00
taking all the advice I need by Chris Rwk
Spirit of dream by Speedy Graphito
Spirit of dream Sale price€1.400,00
Partout ailleurs by Speedy Graphito
Partout ailleurs Sale price€1.400,00
Ici et maintenant by Speedy Graphito
Ici et maintenant Sale price€1.400,00
artwork on wood and canvas by Gris1
Icône 2 Sale price€4.500,00
Happy Summer by Speedy Graphito
Happy Summer Sale price€1.400,00
Chaises musicales by Speedy Graphito
Chaises musicales Sale price€1.400,00
Sold out
The forest fairy by Seulgi Kim
Seulgi Kim
The forest fairy Sale price€0,00
Sold out
The clover forest by Seulgi Kim
Seulgi Kim
The clover forest Sale price€0,00
Sold out
Serenity search by Tania Marmolejo
Sold out
One sweet day by Seulgi Kim
Seulgi Kim
One sweet day Sale price€0,00
Sold out
Inevitable acceptance by TANIA MARMOLEJO
Sold out
From a safe distance by TANIA MARMOLEJO
"Little Bit of Sunshine" Painting by Peter Opheim
"Max and his Friends" Painting by Peter Opheim
Peter Opheim
Max and his Friends Sale price€6.000,00
"My Friend Larry" Painting by Peter Opheim
Peter Opheim
My Friend Larry Sale price€4.500,00
Is It Joy or Sadness? by Bijijoo
Is It Joy or Sadness? Sale price€3.000,00
Sold out
Seal Clown by Bijijoo
Seal Clown Sale price€0,00
Sold out
New Necklace by Bijijoo
New Necklace Sale price€0,00
Pajama Girl ghost abduction - Painting by Adam Handler
Tas de possibilités Painting by Ador
Tas de possibilités Sale price€2.500,00
"Adam - I’ll be A O K" Painting by Peter Opheim
Sold out
YUM and Painter's Dreams Acrylic Painting by YUSUKE TODA
Sold out
YUM and MEW Mixed Media Painting by YUSUKE TODA
Yusuke Toda
YUM and MEW Sale price€0,00

Buy Square Format Paintings

At Cohle Gallery, we take pride in curating a thoughtfully assembled collection of contemporary and modern art. Our experts carefully select pieces that showcase diverse artistic styles and perspectives. We are pleased to highlight our Square Format Painting collection, which offers a fascinating look at this visually captivating format.

Famous Square Pieces in the History of Arts

The square has long been an aesthetically pleasing and symbolically meaningful shape in art history. From ancient mosaic floors to medieval icon paintings, the stabilizing geometry of the square lent works a sense of permanence and spiritual weight.

During the Renaissance, masters like Raphael adopted the square format for iconic portraits like his Young Woman with Unicorn. The balanced compositions and intimate scale of these works exemplified Renaissance ideals. Centuries later, avant-garde pioneers like Kazimir Malevich used the square in entirely new ways through Suprematist abstraction. His radical Black Square painting reduced painting to its most essential geometric form.

In the 20th century, many modern artists embraced the square as a break from the conventions of rectangular canvases. Piet Mondrian refined his signature geometric, primary-color style across squares. Mark Rothko pioneered Color Field painting in stacked, meditative square compositions. Minimalists like Sol LeWitt focused on variations within the square frame, creating serial works like his 49 Three Part Variations on Three Different Kinds of Cubes.

Contemporary artists continue to mine the creative potential of the deceptively simple square. From intimate portraits to graphic abstractions, the balanced shape provides an endless well of possibilities. Cohle Gallery is proud to represent today's vanguard who have found inspiration within the borders of the square canvas.

Captivating Compositions

Our Square Format Painting collection features established and emerging talents who find inspiration within the borders of the square canvas. We represent artists like Yusuke Toda, known for his playful, nostalgic square artworks, as well as Geoffrey Bouillot, who merges various art styles in his graphic, geometric creations.

The collection includes minimalist paintings, surreal landscapes, intimate portraits, and more. Working within the confines of the square shape, these artists craft balanced compositions and impactful visual expressions. Vibrant colors pop against monochrome backgrounds, while defined contours lend the works a graphic dynamism. Together, these paintings provide fresh perspectives through a timeless format.

Explore other captivating collections like our contemporary painting, abstract painting, and minimalist painting selections for more striking artworks.

Start Your Collection

We invite you to explore the range of artistic visions embodied in our square format offerings. For guidance on collecting or decorating with these visually striking pieces, contact our team of art advisors to help find the perfect fit for your space.