A brand new group show opens this March, proudly presented by the Cohle Gallery in Paris,

showcasing the work of three esteemed artists: Geoffrey Bouillot, Imon Boy and Benjamin Cabral.

The exhibition takes the viewer on a journey through the unique lens and style of each featured artist, with themes centering around ideas of emotion, home and identity. The carefully curated

works are filled with stylized figurative subjects rendered through various media.

Benjamin Cabral (b.1993) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Chicago. He completed his MFA at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and is the winner of the 2019 Carrie Ellen Tuttle Fellowship, exhibiting both internationally and throughout the U.S. His work straddles the line between craft and contemporary art. Cabral uses rhinestones, mirrors, and imitation pearls to produce the highly textured surfaces of his vibrant paintings and sculptures, intended to be static performers engaging with the viewer. A contradiction occurs when, despite these sparkling materials, the works often convey gloomy or

ambivalent feelings revealing artist’s interest in the intersections between nostalgia and trauma.

Cabral’s artistic process often begins by creating digital drawings on his iPad, a task the artist describes as a “form of meditation.” Benjamin's work is largely autobiographical and performative in nature, creating an

honest yet uneasy portrait of the artist’s own life and sense of self.

His work typically includes self-portraits, with Cabral shown as a red-headed boy in settings inspired by personal memories, now distorted by his own imagination. His avatar is often portrayed with a squiggly line for a mouth, rendering his facial expression somewhat ambiguous.His work tends to deal with matters of feeling, examining the intersections between trauma and nostalgia, joy and sorrow as well as the digital and the analog. The relatability of each scene leaves the viewer feeling understood, loved, & hopeful - one with

Cabral’s community.

Geoffrey Bouillot (b.1990) is a French born artist, now based in Tokyo, Japan. Both cultures have played an important part in inspiring and nourishing his artistic identity. Bouillot’s work typifies contemporary art culture; clean, sleek, innovative and modern. The cultural influences include inspirations from Manga, with subjects and composition meticulously separated with clean lines and play on light. These elements are harmoniously balanced between the other influential styles that Bouillot draws on, such as pop art, cubism and Italian futurism.

Bouillot believes that the role of an artist is to capture the present moment, however insignificant, in order to reveal its sublime and inherent value. He has gradually begun to explore more personal and intimate subjects depicting portraits, still lifes, landscapes, and interiors, always in various hues of black or white. A subtle balance of light and shade is applied to the rhythmic, regular forms found throughout his work. His signature monochromatic designs present an eclectic blend of minimalism and the ethereal. Bouillot's distinctive works are imbued with symbols related to alchemy as well as patterns inspired by ancient civilizations. His work is described as “metallic-like stacking of cylindrical and spherical shapes“ where “each character morphs nostalgic cartoons into unfamiliar forms, speaking to a collision of culture.”

Imon Boy (b.1992) lives discreetly in his native Malaga, with his identity remaining somewhat of a mystery. His work serves to dismantle the stereotypical image of the graffiti artist as delinquent, instead conveying a tender, ironic and joyful vision of what it means to be a street painter. The viewer accompanies the street artist through various empathy-provoking situations as he has run in’s with the police and leaves romantic messages for his crush. Imon Boy’s references include video games, movies, the internet and music.

The exhibition runs from the 10th of March 2022 through April 2nd, with the exhibition opening held at the

Gallery on Thursday the March 10th at 6pm.


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De Vuelta Painting by Imon Boy
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