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At Cohle Gallery, we are delighted to present our collection of landscape format paintings. These horizontally-oriented artworks follow a storied tradition while offering modern perspectives.

History Filled with Masterpieces

The landscape format emerged in the 17th century as artists sought to capture expansive outdoor scenery. Wide canvases allowed them to fully render open skies, distant mountains, vast plains, and other environmental elements.

Famed painters embraced the panoramic format. Claude Monet's sprawling "Water Lilies" series depicts his ornamental pond in a horizontal view that transports viewers into the scene. Vincent van Gogh's "Wheatfield with Cypresses" uses its width to emphasize the rolling yellow hills receding toward the horizon. J.M.W. Turner's sweeping seascapes use the format to convey the vastness of the ocean.

Complementing Interior Design

The elongated horizontal shape brings natural advantages for home décor. Landscape format paintings can make a room feel more open and spacious, as the eye is drawn widely across the wall. Their panoramic scope evokes a calm, peaceful ambiance reminiscent of the great outdoors.

The horizontal orientation also allows landscape art to fit harmoniously above furniture without crowding the space. Landscape paintings feel soothing and natural when placed over a couch, flanking a bed, or hung above a sideboard. Their green and blue hues transport viewers while complementing most decors.

Overall, landscape format paintings bring beautiful views of nature into home interiors in a seamless way. Their width and wonder are perfect for relaxing spaces.

For personalized guidance on selecting and displaying large scale art, contact our advisors who will help match you with the perfect piece.