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Step into the realm of fantasy. Own fantastical artworks that transport you to otherworldly adventures.


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At Cohle Gallery, we carefully curate a collection of imaginative fantasy art that opens portals to magical realms. Our team of experts selects pieces by established and emerging talents who explore the limitless possibilities of the imagination. We are delighted to spotlight our Fantasy Themes in Painting collection for art lovers seeking works that awaken the spirit of adventure and wonder.

Dreamlike Worlds Brought to Life

Fantasy and imagination have served as endless wells of inspiration for artists across cultures and eras. The foundations of the fantasy art genre can be traced back to 15th century Early Netherlandish painters like Hieronymus Bosch, who created cryptic, imaginative works depicting hybrid creatures and allegorical narratives. Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights stands as one of the earliest masterpieces exploring fantastical worlds as social commentary.

Later movements like Symbolism and Surrealism expanded the visual language and psychological depth of fantasy art. Gustave Moreau, Odilon Redon, and other late 19th century Symbolists crafted dreamlike scenes drawing from myth and spirituality. Salvador Dalí built upon their aesthetic in his iconic melting watches and barren landscapes evoking subconscious desires. Fantasy elements flowed through various 20th century styles from Abstract to Pop Art, with artists filtering the surreal through modern perspectives.

Escape into Faraway Lands

Contemporary artists like Peter Opheim carry on this rich tradition of imagination, blending modern styles and narratives. Opheim's hybrid animal sculptures fuse creatures from memory into whimsical forms with deeper metaphorical meaning. Our collection features a range of mediums, from painting to photography to digital art, that give vibrant life to fantastical visions. Fantasy art continues to evolve as new voices build upon its storied history.

The artists we represent tap into myth, fairy tales, dystopia, and more to construct fully realized realms filled with magic and adventure. Bijijoo's colorful digital dreamscapes inhabited by imaginative characters offer portals to lands of pure creativity. Fortune Hunter's mixed media pieces blend reality with subconscious imagery to subtly twist perspectives. Works across our Fantasy collection provide not only dynamic visual feasts but thoughtful explorations of the liminal spaces between worlds.

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Our team invites you to get lost in Cohle Gallery's selection of transportive fantasy art. Contact our art advisors for guidance as you search for conversation-starting centerpieces and decor that sparks inspiration. Join our newsletter for exclusive offers and updates on new arrivals from exciting fantasy realms. Let your imagination run wild on your next art collecting adventure with Cohle Gallery.