Cohle Gallery is happy to present « Enjoy the view », the first solo show in France from Ekaterina Popova. For this exhibition, the artist continues her series of romantic interiors and intimate domiciliary spaces integrating French interiors and Parisian views.

Ekaterina Popova is a Russian artist born in Vladimir in 1988, who lives and works in Philadelphia (USA). Following her move to the United States she discovered her love for painting and graduated from the University of Kutztown, Pennsylvania in 2011.

From the offset, her work has centered around the exploration of interiors, initially as a reflection of her own upbringing in Russia, and subsequently branching out into the more general notion of “home” and what this means to her. Ekaterina's work has evolved over time, from a place of reflection and sentimentality to one of feeling grounded in her present environment. She regularly paints her own room but also visits other peoples homes or works from photographs.

For this exhibition, Ekaterina explores romantic interiors and intimate scenes in her original oil paintings. These works are both about enjoying the actual view as well as a metaphor for taking time to be present, mindful, and falling in love with the people and moments of our lives. Decadent rooms featuring unmade beds and open windows allow the artist to playfully explore texture, light, and fabric through oil paint while creating a lush and dreamy atmosphere. Through the use of color and value, Ekaterina aims to transport the viewer to the dreamy fantasy world and quiet spaces that hint at romance and intimacy inspired by travels to France and beyond.


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Country sunlight 2 Painting by Ekaterina Popova
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Evening at the museum Painting by Ekaterina Popova
Bath steam Painting by Ekaterina Popova
Ekaterina Popova
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Resting in the light Painting by Ekaterina Popova
Turquoise Painting by Ekaterina Popova
Ekaterina Popova
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Rose Painting by Ekaterina Popova
Ekaterina Popova
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Royal bedroom Painting by Ekaterina Popova
Ekaterina Popova
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Warm light Painting by Ekaterina Popova
Ekaterina Popova
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