The French artist duo Atelier ATE, composed of Manon Ajorque and Nicolas Mehdipour, will inaugurate the season in Menorca with their exhibition "After the Chaos," referencing foundational myths and inviting visitors to question the concepts of origin and identity through the language of the body.

Manon Ajorque and Nicolas Mehdipour have been working together for 3 years. For this exhibition, they present a series of diptychs created together and individual paintings. Their practices, sometimes responding to each other through theme or figure, both revolve around the body. Manon seeks to reveal its sacred and spiritual character through the superposition of thin layers and the transparency of her colors. Nicolas, on the other hand, shapes expressive colossi with raw strength by adding material.

The diptych offers a pictorial dialogue between their two visions. While preserving their singularities, it confronts them in new narrative paths. At the center of the compositions, in scarcely described settings, the nudes are free from context and escape the contingencies of space and time.

Timeless, the figures appear as divinities. Like the myths from which they are derived, the viewer can project their own story onto them and find a new resonance.


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