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C.O.U.R.A.G.E (Come On Up, Relax And Get Ecstatic) by Ben Cooney
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Well, What's it gonna take by Ben Cooney
home at anytime by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
home at anytime Sale price€1.800,00
Park at night by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
Park at night Sale price€1.800,00
City at sunrise by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
City at sunrise Sale price€1.800,00
On three by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
On three Sale price€1.800,00
Sculpted under violet by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
Sculpted under violet Sale price€1.800,00
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Ekstasis by Ben Cooney
Ben Cooney
Ekstasis Sale price€0,00

Exploring the Human Psyche in Painting

At Cohle Gallery, we are fascinated by art's ability to illuminate complex facets of the human experience. Our curated Psychology Themes in Paintings collection offers a compelling look into the inner world of emotions, relationships, identity, and the subconscious.

A Thought-Provoking Art Movement

The use of visual art to explore the human psyche and psychological concepts first emerged in the late 19th century, as artists began depicting the irrational elements of dreams, emotions, and the unconscious mind. Notable figures like Gustav Klimt used psychoanalytic theories and symbolism to portray the hidden depths of sensuality and desire.

Later movements like Dada and Surrealism fully embraced the irrational, taking inspiration from psychoanalysis to create fantastical imagery untethered from reason or conventional aesthetics. Salvador Dali's melting clocks and Rene Magritte's ordinary objects in incongruous settings vividly capture the strange logic of dreams and the unconscious. Surrealist artists like Frida Kahlo employed symbolic self-portraiture to grapple with personal trauma and identity.

Contemporary approaches continue this tradition of visualizing complex psychological states and concepts. Artists may incorporate dreamlike elements, distortions, or compositions that evoke disorientation to convey mental turmoil or the fluid nature of identity. Abstract techniques can suggest the non-verbal, irrational facets of the psyche. From the mythic symbolism of the Vienna Secession to the otherworldly visions of Surrealism to the personality-probing works of today, psychologically oriented art remains compelling in its ability to illuminate the elusive interior life.

Insight and Imagination

The collection includes emerging and renowned artists who bring their own perspectives to psychologically oriented themes. Ben Cooney's offbeat paintings reveal the uncanny in familiar scenes, conveying a sense of alienation with dark humor. Yusuff Aina Abogunde's abstract portraits explore identity and empowerment through African culture-inspired patterning.

Vibrant hues catch the eye, while surreal compositions and symbolic elements reveal the complexities churning under the surface. These artworks offer a window into the social constructions, childhood influences, and inexplicable compulsions that make up our inner selves. Works in this collection showcase a range of styles, from Surrealism and Conceptual Art to contemporary Figurative approaches.

Start Exploring

We invite you to browse the collection's compelling visions of the psyche. For advice on integrating psychology-themed art into your personal or corporate collection, contact our art advisors.