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Rough 30Rough 30
Rough 30 Sale price€1.500,00
Rough 5Rough 5
Rough 5 Sale price€1.500,00
From SAMO to BasquiatFrom SAMO to Basquiat
From SAMO to Basquiat Sale price€15.000,00
Darling I love you
Mark Posey
Darling I love you Sale price€9.200,00
Born Again
Mark Posey
Born Again Sale price€9.200,00
Last Dance
Mark Posey
Last Dance Sale price€9.200,00
Cotton Candy by Austyn Taylor
Austyn Taylor
Cotton Candy Sale price€2.000,00
Secret lovers by Speedy Graphito
Secret lovers Sale price€12.000,00
Rythm by Speedy Graphito
Rythm Sale price€12.000,00
Invisible world by Speedy Graphito
Invisible world Sale price€18.000,00
Theoreme by Speedy Graphito
Theoreme Sale price€7.500,00
Hypnotic karma by Speedy Graphito
Hypnotic karma Sale price€31.000,00
Happy face by Speedy Graphito
Happy face Sale price€7.500,00
Spirit of dream by Speedy Graphito
Spirit of dream Sale price€1.400,00
Partout ailleurs by Speedy Graphito
Partout ailleurs Sale price€1.400,00
Ici et maintenant by Speedy Graphito
Ici et maintenant Sale price€1.400,00
Happy Summer by Speedy Graphito
Happy Summer Sale price€1.400,00
Chaises musicales by Speedy Graphito
Chaises musicales Sale price€1.400,00
Sold out
Yum and moon by Yusuke Toda
Yusuke Toda
Yum and moon Sale price€0,00
Garden of fountains by Brittany Fanning
Fountain and baby ocelot by Brittany Fanning
Saint Seiya Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Geoffrey Bouillot
Saint Seiya Sale price€7.800,00
Goku story Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Geoffrey Bouillot
Goku story Sale price€6.400,00
Sailor Moon Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Geoffrey Bouillot
Sailor Moon Sale price€5.000,00
Calimero Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Geoffrey Bouillot
Calimero Sale price€2.700,00
Sold out
Olibrius Painting by Ador
Olibrius Sale price€0,00
Sold out
Les joueurs de Pogs Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Sold out
L’échange Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Sold out
Monsieur Malin Painting by Geoffrey Bouillot
Sold out
YUM and MEW Mixed Media Painting by YUSUKE TODA
Yusuke Toda
YUM and MEW Sale price€0,00
Sold out
YUM and Painter's Dreams Acrylic Painting by YUSUKE TODA

Experience the Vibrancy of Pop Art

At Cohle Gallery, we are thrilled to present our collection of captivating Pop Art paintings. As an art movement that exploded onto the scene in the 1950s and 60s, Pop Art has continued to fascinate art lovers with its bold, graphic aesthetic and focus on popular culture. Our curated selection spotlights some of the most exciting names in Pop Art, both emerging and established.

The Origins of Pop Art

The Pop Art movement has its origins in 1950s Britain, where artists like Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi began incorporating elements of popular culture, consumerism, and mass media into their works.

In the United States, the movement started gaining traction in the late 1950s through artists like Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, who brought everyday objects into their art. However, Pop Art exploded onto the art scene most prominently in the early 1960s New York, led by the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg.

Pop Art marked a major shift in the art world by rejecting abstract expressionism's 

seriousness and instead embracing popular culture in a bold, colorful way. Works started depicting consumer products, celebrities, comic strips, and more. The movement brought art out of the elite circles of high culture and into the mainstream. Pop Art aimed to blur the boundaries between high and low culture and merge commercialism and artistic integrity through an ironic, tongue-in-cheek approach.

The Cohle Gallery Collection

Our Pop Art collection includes iconic works like Geoffrey Bouillot's nostalgic video game-inspired pieces, Speedy Graphito's colorful figurative works channeling major Pop Art influences with his own signature urban edge, and contemporary artists like Gris1, who merge Pop Art with graffiti.

The collection sports bold colors, crisp lines, and elements of pop culture, consumerism, and technology. From celebrity portraits to reimagined everyday objects, these works provide a thrilling visual commentary on modern life. As you explore the collection, you'll discover striking screen prints as well as mixed media that incorporate collage. This diversity of styles and perspectives makes for an electrifying art experience.

Start Your Pop Art Collection

Pop Art continues to capture imaginations today with its bold visual impact and celebration of contemporary culture. At Cohle Gallery, we're ready to help art enthusiasts kickstart or expand their own Pop Art collections. Contact our art advisors to discover the perfect pieces to add striking and thoughtful touches to any space.