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Medium Size Paintings

Discover captivating medium-sized paintings for sale. Explore and buy artworks that strike a balance in size.


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Discover Medium Sized Paintings at Cohle Gallery

At Cohle Gallery, we take pride in curating a thoughtful collection of paintings that capture the imagination. Our medium sized paintings offer intricate details and impactful compositions in an accessible size. Explore works by emerging and established artists that invite pause, connection, and wonder.

A Mesmerizing Art Form

From classic oil paintings to contemporary mixed media, our medium sized artworks blend technical excellence with meaningful perspectives. Pieces range from 20 x 30 inches to 50 x 40 inches, allowing you to fully appreciate the nuances while fitting seamlessly into both intimate and grand spaces. The scaled size makes these paintings ideal for displaying focal points above a console or dining table or grouping together for a striking gallery wall.

Art That Captivates and Inspires

Our curated selection of medium sized paintings includes captivating abstract compositions as well as imaginative figurative and portraiture works. Resonant themes like identity, nature, and urban life come to life through the artists' expressive techniques. The nuanced emotions and intricate details of each piece invite pause and reflection.

Start Your Collection

Bring inspiring artwork into your home or office with our selection of medium format paintings priced accessibly for any budget. For guidance on collecting, contact our art advisors. Discover the power of art to uplift your space and spirit. Share this collection with fellow art lovers and sign up for our newsletter for new arrivals and special offers. The search for your perfect piece begins at Cohle Gallery.