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Nicolas Mehdipour - Baigneur Oil Painting by Atelier Ate
Les Lutteurs Oil Paintings by ATELIER ATELes Lutteurs Oil Paintings Left side by ATELIER ATE
Atelier ATE
Les Lutteurs Sale price€4.200,00
Persée et Pégase Oil Paintings by ATELIER ATE & NICOLAS MEHDIPOUR
Atelier ATE
Persée et Pégase Sale price€5.000,00
Adam & Eve Oil Paintings by ATELIER ATEAdam Oil Paintings by ATELIER ATE
Atelier ATE
Adam & Eve Sale price€5.500,00
La Nuit Oil Paintings by ATELIER ATE
Atelier ATE
La Nuit Sale price€5.000,00
Adam et le serpent Oil Paintings by ATELIER ATE
Atelier ATE
Adam et le serpent Sale price€1.600,00
Sold out
Prométhée donnant le feu aux hommes Oil Paintings by ATELIER ATEProméthée donnant le feu aux hommes left side Oil Paintings by ATELIER ATE

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At Cohle Gallery, we take pride in curating a compelling mix of art movements and styles to captivate the collector's spirit. Our expert team carefully selects each piece to showcase diverse artistic visions from established and emerging talents. We are thrilled to present our Art Brut Painting collection, offering a fascinating glimpse into the organic creativity of this genre.

The Spontaneous Spirit of Art Brut

Art Brut, meaning "raw art" in French, refers to art created outside the boundaries of official culture. The term was coined in the 1940s by French artist Jean Dubuffet, who was fascinated by art produced by asylum inmates, mediums, and eccentrics. Dubuffet celebrated the pure, unfiltered creative spirit embodied in these untutored talents.

Art Brut defies tradition and conventions. Works are spontaneously crafted without classical training or concern for aesthetics. Figures may be exaggerated or anatomy altered. Perspective and proportion give way to imaginative expression. The results are idiosyncratic, sometimes disturbing, yet always authentic.

Visions Unbound at Cohle Gallery

Our Art Brut Painting collection captures the primal creative energy of this style. We are delighted to represent talents like Atelier ATE, whose collaborative four-handed paintings exude expressive Art Brut aesthetics. Benjamin Cabral's meditative digital explorations also carry the authentic spirit of the genre.

The collection ranges from understated monochromes to explosions of clashing color. Compositions may seem haphazard or intentionally provocative. Figurative elements intertwine with abstraction in surreal narratives. Together these works provide a compelling showcase of the Art Brut ethos: artwork produced through pure creative intuition, unhindered by convention.

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We invite you to browse the full scope of our Art Brut Painting collection and discover which pieces resonate. For guidance on collecting and decorating with these compelling works, contact our art advisors who can help match you with the perfect addition for your aesthetic tastes and space.

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