COHLE GALLERY is excited to announce the opening of a new permanent space from September 27th 2022. Founded in 2016 by Camille Cohen et Michaël Le Goff, the contemporary art gallery is making the move to the center of Paris. Previously situated in south Pigalle, Cohle Gallery continues to expand with its new exhibition space at 7 rue d’Argenteuil in the first arrondissement of the French capital.

This move constitutes an important evolution for the gallery with a larger exhibition space over two floors. This will allow the gallery to welcome a greater number of visitors as well as to offer an ever more extensive exhibition program moving forward including both group and solo shows from represented artists. The inauguration of the gallery will be marked by a pre-opening cocktail reception.

The gallery’s directors Camille and Michaël are truly passionate about art in all its forms and are constantly looking to discover emerging talent. They often travel to see new work first-hand and focus on creating strong links with represented artists. For them, is vital for the gallery to support artists in their work and creative processes. Works are always selected with a fresh outlook, favoring bright colors and energetic compositions. Some of Cohle Gallery’s represented artists include New York based artist Adam Handler with his ‘faux-naïf’ style and French artists such Geoffrey Bouillot who works from Tokyo in a geometric and monochromatic technique, or Ludovilk Myers who plays with natural forms using color and abstraction.

The completely renovated space promises an elegant and modern setting, while still in-keeping with the charm of the Haussmannian buildings typical to the area. The decision to move to the first arrondissement in particular is symbolic. This area has long been considered to be the épicentre of art, know for its many historic museums and beautiful public spaces. For Cohle Gallery, this new placement is représentative of the essence of parisien life on which the gallery was founded. The new exhibition space wlh serve as a central meeting point, where those with a fondness for contemporary art are invited to meet, discuss and discover a selection of exceptional and unique works.


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"Week-end rider" Painting by Camilla Marie Dahl
Camilla Marie Dahl
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"Max and his Friends" Painting by Peter Opheim
Peter Opheim
Max and his Friends Sale price€6.000,00
"Adam - I’ll be A O K" Painting by Peter Opheim
"Little Bit of Sunshine" Painting by Peter Opheim
"My Friend Larry" Painting by Peter Opheim
Peter Opheim
My Friend Larry Sale price€4.500,00
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"Ève" Painting by Manon Ajorque